Simon Lanz is a multidisciplinary artist and designer based in Bern, Switzerland. He is deeply passionate about creating narrative objects and tools for musical expression, and his work spans a range of mediums including instrument making, performance, visual design, and installation art. At the heart of Simon's work is a fascination with the relationship between movement and sound, and he is constantly seeking ways to bring life to simple materials through his creative endeavors. Whether he is building a custom musical instrument or creating an immersive sound sculpture, Simon is looking for ways to combine the existing with the new.

Simon graduated in product design at the Hochschule Luzern, where he honed his skills in crafting and designing objects that not only look good but also function with precision and purpose. Before studying product design, he worked as a graphic designer, which has undoubtedly contributed to his keen eye for aesthetics and attention to detail.

If you are interested in my portfolio or want to work with me, feel free to contact me.