caschner, 2020
in collaboration with Parc Ela
at Hochschule Luzern D&K
The caschner (surmiran for "Hist") is a concept for an extraordinary sleep experience in the nature of the Parc Ela.

Hists were mainly used in the cantons of Graubünden and Ticino to allow the grain yolks piled on top to ripen. A load-bearing structure made of local wood is covered with sheaves of straw. The simple but cozy hut offers an extraordinary sleeping experience in the middle of nature and far away from everyday stress.

The shape of the hut blends in discreetly with the landscape, is easy to assemble and dismantle, and consists entirely of renewable resources.

The created sleeping experience - a mixture of sleep in the straw and pile dwelling settlement - is unique in Switzerland and creates a reference to the rich history of the Graubünden region.The hut can be equipped according to needs and location and works both next to a farmhouse and as a free-standing one on a mountain meadow.

The caschner is a work in progress and is currently in the planning phase. If you are interested in running a caschner or participating in the project, contact me!

  1. night light portable, battery operated
  2. power bank 
  3. linen sheets and pillows from the region
  4. tatami & Futon
  5. storage space additional storage space can be added in the floor